January 2, 2021

best mobile ccg reddit

Quite a few people suggest Spellweaver, but how much supported is it? Hearthstone can single-handedly be thanked for blowing open the digital card game market on PC, but it seems like a year doesn't go by without a change that infuriates its … So choose wisely, both are going into release, both are good and f2p. - Eternal has a fun single player story with cinematics and such plus more single player campaigns you can purchase. Gwent is from the makers of Witcher 3 and so has super detailed high quality art in that dark fantasy style. I also like storytelling in CCG, so any good single-player experience is more than welcome. Still waiting for Hearthstone of course, but Scrolls is easily the more depth filled game from what I have seen of hearthstone. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, Eternal, and Shadowverse are probably your best bets out of the 32 options considered. View Entire Discussion (21 Comments) More posts from the iosgaming community. About my favorite digital card game...let's just say I'll forever mourn over Mabinogi Duel's death. Many cards have already fetched thousand of dollars on resale markets). The best games like Slay the Spire on mobile Whether card battling or deck-building there are plenty of games like Slay the Spire on mobile Though it was a pretty long wait, Slay the Spire is finally on mobile now, allowing players to pick a character and climb the eponymous tower, building card combos and synergies with every step they take. There are a lot of people playing it, a lot of friendly ones, and you get also a lot of offline events - I loved Fireside Gatherings. This one is no contest.Winner: Gwent. Elder Scrolls: Legends fill almost all your requisites. Mythgard is a collectible card game of boundless depth and infinite strategy. It's … RPG campaign with Gwent as the combat.Winner: Eternal but may change on October 23, Innovative gameplay. The best would be a game that is simple to learn but difficult to master. My ideal CCG would have this requirements, in order of importance: Little to no RNG. Experience a unique game with fast and fluid tactical action. Some of them you don’t need to listen to. Shares. While I like Hearthstone-style gameplay, I wouldn't mind a new type of gameplay, something original. And I'm looking for something that fits a similar niche. It's still in Alpha and hasn't even been announced yet, but there's more than enough there to let you know what it's about. The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a similar beast to Hearthstone with one … Outside of Android, I would highly recommend Magic Arena. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the gachagaming community. I want to be able to complete my collection, starting from scratch, without having to spend tons of money. Gwent is the card game in The Witcher players play when they need a break from the main parts of the game. You know, something like Quest Rogue should never exist. I've been trying to find a CCG (Collecting card game) that is focused moreso on single player, or has a vast single player story. The very best mobile games of 2020, as reviewed by our experts - Eternal is largely a Magic: The Gathering clone. Multiplayer card wars are beginning, be one of the duel champions of Card Heroes -- an online collectible card game where deck building, pvp tactical battles, and fantasy role-playing adventure were blended together. I'm sick of Hearthstone RNG-heavy card effects. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Once Thronebreaker (full single-player open world campaign in the Witcher universe) hits next month, Gwent will satisfy all 8 points. I fear it has a too small community. How they measure up: Little to no RNG - Gwent has very little RNG for a card game giving massive hand sizes and generous mulligan rules to even reduce the draw dependency parts to a degree. The best smartphone of 2020: 15 top mobile phones tested and ranked. Give spellweaver a try. Honestly I'd love a new take on anime stlyed CCG but probably won't happen anytime soon and I'm not going back to Shadowverse so I just finish a few more cards of my card game, find a way to print them out and play that. If you want to be in early on a new online CCG now being made (in Beta testing right now), consider Steem Monsters: https://steemmonsters.com/?ref=cakemonster, - Blockchain-based card game, resulting in true card ownership that can be resold. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Go head to head to beat your opponents in epic battles. Regarded as the most-backed Kickstarter project of 2015, Exploding Kittens is a hilarious multiplayer card game for mobile. The Elder Scrolls: Legends. The best game to me would one for which I feel like I want to help developers, by buying something because how generous they are (say, donate to them or get some cosmetic/merchandise stuff). This one comes down to opinion.Winner: Both are great in their own ways. I would assume Eternal has something similar but this is another area where I don't know for Eternal.Winner: ??? Honestly, those are the 3 best ones. "Unique concept" is the primary reason people pick Gwent: The Witcher Card Game over the competition. It's teaming up with NetEase to release a … If you're on tablet (and PC), you can play Pokemon TCGO. This subreddit is a place to discuss all forms of online and digital card games. ... Game developers and development companies are aware of Reddit and the conversations that are had here. Yu-Gi-Oh is a worldwide sensation. Shadow Era old game but free to play grind match for cards in market + booster best f2p card game I played great community but they use telegram app if you want to meet community. Linkme: Solforge, Shadowverse, Faeria Posted by 3 days ago. Eternal is known for having the most generous F2P model of all the digital card games though.Winner: Eternal. It is by far in the way the best digital TCG i ever played. The mobile version takes most of those mechanics and adds a few more. I love card games art. Available on mobile devices and also steam and has it's on client. Wondering because I didn't see any card games in the pinned topic. Obviously there are innovations but Gwent is a wholly original game. By James Peckham 27 November 2020. I mean, MtG is very good but with so many new games, it's hard to saw it's the best game for everybody. Well gachas and c/tcg almost twins in my opinion, i mean there is soccer spirits/otogi (counted as gachas) and rise of mythos (not sure if this has mobile version ccg) and similar games (i just had a look at kongregate ccg tag) which far from the traditional card battles, and don't forget the existence of wrymprints/craft essences etc, Favourite one not sure i have one, but i am still playing duel links, the longest i played playing for ~1,5-2 year now, i tried a few animation throwdown,shadowverse,hex, pokeon tcg but mostly they only lasted for a week, i log in to shadowverse just to open packs ->then forget till there is more free pack to open, i also always thought rage of bahamut (granblue older brother/sister) is a ccg but i never i tried because no english,yesterday checked a few gameplay video well not that much ccg i hoped for, i hoped its closer to shadowverse just with more pve, but it seems closer to gbf sadly. I've alreay pre-downloaded it, and I'm eager to learn the original Magic. - I am not involved enough with Eternal to know on this one but Gwent has a sort of middling healthy meta, which is to say it has gone in and out of being healthy.Winner: ??? So, it depends what you like more. Try out Eternal or Magic Arena. Smartphones can be used for a lot of things. I love the card art though. I've heard mixed opinions, why would you recommend it? What is the best mobile CCG and why? Wish I can get into Shadowverse, Duel Links or even Chrono Magia but something about them just doesn't click well with me, sadly orz, Shadowverse is another one but i've only ever heard people say semi-negative things about it like "no one plays it for the gameplay, they play it for the waifus". The meta should be as much varied as possible but never polarized. Magic: The Gathering Arena (PC: Free) Magic: The Gathering is the granddaddy of the entire collectible card game genre, debuting in August 1993 and ushering a new genre of card games. Most of … "Very, very generous to players" is the primary reason people pick Shadowverse over the competition. I loved One Night in Karazhan and the Puzzle Lab. By James Peckham 27 November 2020. I'm a bit afraid of how good the economy could be. I love watching high-skill players fighting in epic battle. Shares. Active and big community. Also paid only Fate heroes fuck off. For me, nothing is more important than #7, since I have already played the heck out of MTG and Hearthstone, I am much more interested in Gwent than Eternal. Of all the points on your wish list, the only one it lacks is "healthy, big community" because it hasn't been publicly announced. Healthy meta. Also, do CCGs actually count as gachas? - Eternal is less cartoony than Hearthstone but a bit more than Magic and has a Fantasy Western style theme so is a cool from that perspective. I mostly stick to Hearthstone while develpoing my own card game (with waifus and husbandos! Especially one with anime-style characters like Revolve8. You can buy almost everything with in game currency and it's easy to get unlike hearthstone and you get 1 pack a day for your first win of the day. So it might be best to hunker in. 16. Yu gi oh Duel Links it's very polished and kinda fun, but the game is veeeeeery expensive at this point, they keep spamming boxes every month, powercreep is ridiculous and the gem acquisition (used to buy packs) is kinda bad, specially compared to ESL or MTGA where you may be able to open a pack a day (8+ card packs unlike YGO DL's 3 cardpacks). What TCG hit the nail on the head was Scrolls on the PC. All players welcome, all games welcome. Eternal is a much smaller community than Gwent but still thriving and growing and still very active.Winner: Gwent, Great economy - Both these card games have extremely generous economies. ), Shadowverse, and Faeria. Great art. Best mobile role-playing games. It would be cool to have a lot of tournaments and be able to watch them via Twitch, for example. For this list, we've weaned things down to only the best CCGs, and even discuss how easy they are to play "for free," the big keyword in the era of mobile games. Well gachas and c/tcg almost twins in my opinion, i mean there is soccer spirits/otogi (counted as gachas) and rise of mythos (not sure if this has mobile version ccg) and similar games (i just had a look at kongregate ccg tag) which far from the traditional card battles, and don't forget the existence of wrymprints/craft essences etc Each player creates their own deck of monsters, spells, and trap cards that will help them take out the other player.

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