January 2, 2021

how did jochebed die

He died for you!) Added to this, Moses was never sentenced to exile. Doesn't anyone check the use of Hebrew words before pontificating a lie which would make Moses the first breaker of the Mosaic law? Waiting for Breakthrough – Elizabeth’s story. Join our effort today with a contribution to JWA, Encyclopedia Article: Hannah: Midrash and Aggadah, Encyclopedia Article: Bathsheba: Midrash and Aggadah, Copyright © 1998–2021, Jewish Women's Archive. Lieberman], pp. Lieberman], pp. Some of you have lost children to divorce, some have run-away, and some have even died. Pharaoh had commanded the Hebrews to throw all the baby boys in the Nile River (Exodus 1:22), so, in her own way, Jochebed obeyed. When she saw that he was a “fine” child, she hid him for three months and when she could do so no longer, she made a basket out of bulrushes and … That's far more praiseworthy than little mitzwot people invent. Rabbah 1:16). Rather, this verse teaches that Jochebed’s pregnancy was without suffering, just as she gave birth without pain. The 69 total is not 70 since JOSEPH was already in Egypt. Jochebed's younger son Moses was born in 2433 AM (1571 BC), about forty-eight years after the death of Jochebed's father Levi (1620 BC). Rather, the then-reigning Pharaoh signed his death warrant and Moses had to flee like the wanted man that he was. Moreover, some historical facts provide that he died in the water, which can be the reference to the Exodus of Jews. Accordingly, Prov. The next day the Egyptian women would say that I nursed the one who speaks with the Shekhinah [the Divine Presence]” (Ex. Jochebed’s story is the third part of our eight-week Bible study – Ordinary Parents with Extraordinary Faith. Floyd Nolen Jones calculates that if Joshua died twenty years after the ending of the seven years of warfare in the Promised Land, as Flavius Josephus states, then he must have been born no earlier than 1534 BC, or no more than three years before Moses' exile. 40–41). The name Jochebed in Hebrew means - glory of Jehovah or Jehovah is her The Masoretic Text states that Jochebed was Amram's father's sister. 2385 AM–2518 AM) (ca. Lit. Jochebed was the youngest member of the seventy souls that made up Jacob's household. Amram and Jochebed Did NOT Fear the King of Egypt. She gathered all the supplies and surreptitiously made a little “ark” (the same Hebrew word as in Noah’s ark). The mother of Miriam, Aaron and Moses. In 2433 AM, Jochebed gave birth to Moses. 5:8. Rabbah [ed. Jochebed's younger son Moses was born in 2433 AM (1571 BC), about forty-eight years after the death of Jochebed's father Levi (1620 BC). Amram married Jochebed for the sake of Heaven. That same day God swore that the Ark and the Torah would be entrusted to the arms of his descendants (the Kohathites are the only ones who bore the Ark during the journeying in the wilderness, as is attested in Num. Then she placed Moses into it and set it adrift in the Nile. A type of non-halakhic literary activitiy of the Rabbis for interpreting non-legal material according to special principles of interpretation (hermeneutical rules). 2:2) “how good [tov] he was.” The Rabbis ask what Jochebed saw that was special in her son, on account of which she sought to save him from Pharaoh’s death decree. She told them of how Pharaoh’s daughter found him and how she was hired to nurse him. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV) Numbers 26:59 The name of Amram's wife was Jochebed, the daughter of Levi, who was born to Levi in Egypt: and she bore to Amram Aaron and … And the mistakes in the article here keep on getting worse, no sense in trying to correct the many incompetences. 2 tells of the birth of Moses. Moses was a Hebrew (Jewish) child who was adopted by Pharoah's daughter and raised as an Egyptian. In the Rabbinic exegesis, Jochebed was already pregnant with Moses before Amram divorced her, and the fetus in her womb was three months old when he remarried her. We wanted to find out whether or not Amram supported Joshebed in her decision to hide Baby Moses. The Exodus account focuses on the part of Jochebed because it was she, undoubtedly, along with Miriam, who actually carried out the casting of Moses on the Nile. Yet another tradition explains that she shiprah her actions before God (i.e., performed good deeds, that were pleasing to the Lord). By merit of her good deeds, she gave birth to the three leaders of the Exodus generation: Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. But Egypt’s efforts were in vain; God was with His people, and He was preparing to bring Israel out of the land. She gladly poured into her children – including Moses as she was paid a salary for caring for her son. Miriam, who was six years old at the time, said: “Father, father, your decree is harsher than that of Pharaoh. There is also little question that Jochebed should get a lot of credit for everything Moses did. An additional midrashic explanation of her name is that she smoothed over (shiprah) her daughter Puah’s words. So GOD DEEDS are what made him significant. 3:31) (Lit. The latest date that Jochebed could have been born was 2385 AM (1620 BC), the year her father died. Help us elevate the voices of Jewish women. Wow, there are so many anti-Bible errors in this report it's not funny. When Moses was about to die, he addressed God and begged for his life. 18:12–14 (BT Sanhedrin 58b). Jochebed: An Impossible Problem Solver By Glenn Davis. But after Joseph died, there arose a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph, and Israel’s welcome grew cold. 2). Ex. For seventeen years she was together, with her grandfather, for Jacob died seventeen years after his coming to Egypt. The Pharaoh had decreed that all Jewish male infants must die after birth. cit.). The latter had spoken impudently to Pharaoh, who sought to kill her in his anger. So Jochebed and Miriam took the boy home and Jochebed nursed him. Thank you and God bless! 2:3), lining the inside with bitumen, and coating it on the outside with pitch, so that Moses would not smell the bad odor given off by the latter. If you want to read the first two Bible studies check out: Zarephath Widow Bible Study – A lesson in courage and surrender. Though she could have lived through the Exodus of Israel and eventually crossed the Red Sea into the wilderness, the Bible never actually says that she did this. The question of Jochebed’s kinship to Amram arises from the statement in Ex. So the 'sages' can't count, either. In the Jeffrey Katzenberg animated-cartoon project The Prince of Egypt, Jochebed appears briefly setting Moses adrift, and presumably has long died before Moses meets a defiant Miriam who repeats Jochebed's last lullaby to him, thus triggering in him the memory of his true origin. Kadari, Tamar. This female votes 'NO'. Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia. She took leave of her baby with a heavy heart, and tried with all her might to protect him and ensure that he remain alive. 2:1 portrays their remarriage. Or sometimes the question is framed, why did Jochebed give Moses up? Very few have that distinction: Samson, Samuel, John the Baptist and Jesus to name a few. Believing GOD despite the promise of 400 years of slavery (390 for Israel, 1830 BC to 1440 BC Exodus +10 for Joseph). Pharaoh decreed only for this world, but you decreed both for this world and the next [a baby that was born and died as a result of Pharaoh’s decree would merit the World to Come, but an unborn child would not attain this]. In the midrashic account, the daughter of Pharaoh saw that Moses was hungry when she drew him from the river. "the written Torah." (Viewed on January 1, 2021) . In the Rabbinic retelling, when Amram returned his wife, Jochebed was a hundred and thirty years of age, but signs of youth appeared on her: her body became smoother, her wrinkles were straightened out, and her former beauty was restored. "teaching," "study," or "learning." Yocheved, the mother of Moses and Aaron and Miriam, surely was one of the greatest Jewish women that ever lived.Think of it: Moses, who brought the children of Israel out of Egypt and who received the Torah on Mount Sinai. One of the arguments advanced by Moses was his mother’s suffering. Here is an expansion of the biblical story as I imagine it could have happened. That Jochebed could still be bearing children at the age of forty-eight might seem unlikely by modern standards. Instead of drowning the child, she kept it for herself and gave it the name of Moses, which means "drawn out. R. iv. 1:21), which the Rabbis understand as priestly and Levitical households, or as royal households. Jochebed is most known as the mother of Moses. V. 1 begins with the marriage of Jochebed and Amram, and then the reader is immediately told of Moses’s birth, concealment and rescue. Rabbah 7:3; Ex. There was once a woman in Egypt, he told them, who gave birth to 600,000 children at once; on being asked who that woman was, he said she was Jochebed, whose son Moses was worth 600,000 Israelites (Cant. 2:7, BT Suspected adulteressSotah 12b). According to another A type of non-halakhic literary activitiy of the Rabbis for interpreting non-legal material according to special principles of interpretation (hermeneutical rules).midrash, Moses rejected the breasts of the Egyptian women because he said: “God will speak with me. My mother Jochebed’s teeth were blunted by [the death of] two of her children in her lifetime; will more of her teeth be blunted by my death?” But this argument, too, was of no avail (Deut. Aaron, who was the high priest and the father of all the kohanim.Miriam, who was a prophetess, in whose merit the children of Israel had water during the … Pharaoh only decreed against the males, but you have decreed against both the males and the females [since all the Israelites withdrew from their wives, neither sons nor daughters would come into the world]. In the midrashic exegesis, the Egyptians counted the months of her pregnancy only from her return to Amram; they did not know that she was already in the third month (see above), and so Moses could be hidden in his parents’ home until he had had time to grow and develop. The Catholics sure didn't learn, they use what Mary DID NOT do with her body, total lie. “Pharaoh orders every able-bodied man to report for work duty immediately,” a […] Jewish Women's Archive. The Pharaoh's daughter gave her consent, and Miriam introduced Jochebed to the princess. Epstein-Melamed], p. 6; BT Suspected adulteressSotah 12a; Pesikta Rabbati 43). She and her husband, Amram lived around 1571BC to 1613BC or 2,433 years after Creation. The neighbors were surprised to see Jochebed with a baby. This portrayal emphasizes the painstaking attention that Jochebed paid to every detail in the ark. Rabbah 1:25). One of the explanations of this discrepancy is that Jochebed completed the number seventy; she was not included in the list because she was still in her mother’s womb (Gen. Rabbah 94:9). Web page addresses and email addresses turn into links automatically. And then God would be breaking the Law prior to making it? . Rabbah 1:26). For 430 years, Israelites lived in Egypt, at first in comfort because the “vice president” of the country was their relative Joseph. In all three explanations, Jochebed immediately comprehended that her son was meant for greatness and she discerned that he possessed unique spiritual qualities. Jochebed was brought up by her father and grandfather. Jochebed enjoyed longevity, living to witness the positions of leadership held by her children, and was even one of the Israelites who entered the land of Canaan. In fact, I’ve entitled today’s message: “Jochebed – The Trusting Mother,” because Jochebed is such a wonderful example of faith in God and learning to trust God with our children. If Amram’s and Jochebed’s heroic efforts to save Moses were discovered and reported, Pharoah could have had the whole family executed as an example to deter Israelites from disobeying his commands. In addition to her given name, the Torah she-bi-khetav: Lit. 20 March 2009. The Rabbis deduced from this that righteous women are not subject to the decree passed on Eve (that is, the curse of “in pain shall you bear children” [Gen. 3:16] does not apply to them) (BT Suspected adulteressSotah 12a). Jochebed (Hebrew יֹוכֶ֤בֶד, Yohéved, Glory of God) (ca. Ex. … Therefore, it makes him the brother of Moses, and that makes Moses the son of Thutmose I. She is only mentioned twice by name in Scripture, but she is the mother of Miriam, Aaron and Moses. [2] Yet the Cecil B. DeMille movie depicts Joshua as a grown man, and in fact shows him aging but few years during the time that Moses is supposed to be in exile in Midianite country.[3]. He said: “Master of the Universe! If so, then why does Ex. That Jochebed could still be bearing children at the age of forty-eight might seem unlikely by modern standards. I. Rabbah loc. 1620 BC–1487 BC) was the daughter of Levi, wife of Amram, and mother of Miriam, Aaron, and Moses. The conditions described in the first two chapters of Exodus indicate that indeed those were dark days for the Children of Israel. The Bible laud’s Jochebed, Moses’ mother for her faith. Jochebed's younger son Moses was born in 2433 AM (1571 BC), about forty-eight years after the death of Jochebed's father Levi (1620 BC). That is far more important than any good deed you can invent and pride yourself on (being petty of course). Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

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