January 2, 2021

best mattress topper uk

If you buy from Panda (including via Amazon) the topper comes with a 30-night money-back guarantee and the company will come and collect it for free if you don’t like it. As with the vast majority of memory foam products, the topper lets off a chemical smell for the first few days and it’ll make your bed feel warmer if you’re used to natural fillings. We've broken down the pros and cons of each type to help you find the best. The filling is kept even by a waved panel stitch and it has elastic straps to secure in firmly in the right place. Gel memory foam is the best of the best and a great thing to look out for in a topper. A combination of 20% Mulberry silk and 80% polyester cell filling means that this topper is not too heavy, with a medium firmness that provides plenty of bounce back. That applies to mattress toppers, too. If you find that you and your partner have greatly differing body temperatures, this mattress topper might be for you. Best mattress toppers UK: The best foam and natural mattress pads for back pain and side sleepers 2019. Unlike duvets, you can’t scale up: Single mattress topper: 90cm x 190cm (3ft x 6ft 3in), Double mattress topper: 135cm x 190cm (4ft 6in x 6ft 3in), Kingsize mattress topper: 150cm x 200cm (5ft x 6ft 6in), Super king mattress topper: 180cm x 200cm (6ft x 6ft 6in), Emperor mattress topper: 200cm x 200cm (6ft 6in x 6ft 6in). Or you might want a transportable topper that you can put on beds when you’re away from home. Mattress toppers that help to regulate your temperature are great, particularly if you differ from your partner. Panda’s memory-foam topper is one of the best memory-foam toppers we’ve tested, which is mightily impressive when you consider it costs just £150 in king-size. Like most foam products, it can soften up if you get very warm at night but its “Smart Performance” cover and Octaspring technology ensure it stays cooler and more breathable than most of its foam rivals. Best wool mattress topper: Heal's wool room deluxe mattress topper. Buy Now: Belledorm Silk mattress topper £32, Amazon, You might also like to read these best mattress reviews. But the contents didn’t disappoint. But they’re pricey and many need to be dry-cleaned rather than washed in the machine, with some exceptions. 2. Yes; Sizes: Single through to super king; Warranty: 2 years. But they can retain heat and come with a strong chemical smell, which takes a while to disappear. Best memory foam topper. As such, we weren’t thrilled when the plastic casing split all the way down one side as soon as we attempted to pick up the handle. It’s made from what Panda calls “temperature-regulating hydro foam”, which we definitely found cooler – and a touch firmer – than cheaper rivals such as the Silentnight Impress. Having said that, it might take a bit of persuasion to get this topper into smaller-drum machines. Buy now: Eve Memory Foam mattress double topper, £175, Eve. The mattress topper doesn’t have elastic corner straps but we found the non-slip back kept it firmly in place. What's more, mesh walls around the sides of the topper help to improve airflow and ensure you remain cool, even if you happen to share your bed with a human radiator. If you tend to blow hot and cold in the night, a mattress topper made of wool is a great way to go... and here’s the best one we know of. That means that sleeping conditions remain just right, all night long. Eve mattress topper. Best wool mattress topper: Devon Duvets Natural Wool Mattress Topper. We liked the fact that the cotton outer cover is washable, too. It’s not as cool and breathable as more expensive mattress toppers such as the Dormeo Octasmart (see below) but, when you’re only spending £100 in king size, it’s very difficult to complain. We also liked the idea of the free delivery, 30 day trial and return. Select High-Density Mattress Topper by ViscoSoft. This helps to cool down hot sleepers at the same time as warming up those who like it hot. The Best Mattress Toppers for Hip Pain of 2020. We have chosen the balanced Tempur Original Elite version for this Best Mattress UK list. Over time, mattresses flatten out and become less comfortable, but a gel mattress topper can help restore some of the comfort to an older product. Best of all, it also comes with a 60-night trial, so if you don't get on with it, you can return it for a full refund. Just over 70 pockets (on the double) are filled with springy DuPont™ Serica® fibres, which are designed to respond to body temperature. The Octaspring topper differs from Dormeo’s Octasmart topper above by having five different zones rather than three and only two layers. This mattress topper is soft but at the same time supportive, particularly good when one of you prefers a firmer sleep than the other. Never miss a wink on a dreamily comfortable, built-to-last bed We have to wonder how many of these mattress toppers actually go back! Egg crate: These are the cheapest type of toppers on the market, with some costing as little as £20. Place the mattress protector over the topper to help hold it in place, and to protect the topper from body fluids and dust mites. Key specs – Thickness: 7cm; Filling: Cotton, wool and horsehair; Sizes: All standard sizes, also made to measure option; Warranty: None. This topper, along with the Serene Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Topper, have pillow-top layers padded with down alternative fill and may be the best options for sleepers who prefer extra cushioning. Many people use bed toppers to make their old beds more bearable. At the same time, many mattress toppers can also come with additional features that you might not be able to find with a standard mattress. Cover only; Sizes: Single through to super king; Warranty: Two-year guarantee, Price: From £75 | Buy now from John Lewis. Or you might want it to feel cooler or warmer. Best mattress 2020: Memory foam, pocket sprung and hybrid mattresses reviewed. There was no sign of recurring allergies, which in turn led to a relatively snore-free night. Plus, it doesn’t flatten like many others. Sealy Select Balance Dual Layer Mattress Topper. Buy now: Silentnight Air Max, £28.99, Amazon. Key specs – Filling: Microfibre and silk with cotton casing; Thickness: 5cm thick; Sizes: Single through to super king; Machine washable? Wool: Made from all-natural materials instead of synthetics, these are good for allergy sufferers and keep bed bugs and mites at bay. Sleep-lovers rave about this simple foam mattress topper from bedding company, Eve. Yes, top cover only; Sizes: Single to super king; Warranty: 3 years. Unlike the Eve memory foam topper, it doesn’t come with straps to hold the topper in place. The initial ‘chemical’ smell often emitted by some memory foam mattresses was hardly there. Filled With 100%…. The makers do recommend you get it washed professionally, though, and we felt it would be worth a trip to the launderette to keep this at its best. Like the icing on a cake, a delightfully comfy mattress topper … Best goose mattress topper: The White Company's platinum goose down mattress topper. If you want to soften a hard mattress and make your bed more comfortable without breaking the bank, the Silentnight AirMax Mattress Topper is just the ticket. We loved the fact that the whole thing is washable at 30 degrees C. As it’s not too bulky, we felt sure it would fit in our 9kg washing machine without too much trouble. Dust mites hate silk, so it’s also good for allergy sufferers. If you don’t fancy splashing out on a new mattress, a good bed topper (or pad) is a fantastic temporary solution to solve the problems of your old bed. The best mattress topper for side sleepers is excellent at providing extra comfort and depth to your bedding in the spaces where you need it most. However, it provided one of the most comfortable night’s sleep we’ve had on our less-than-youthful mattress in some time. Its hypoallergenic cover unzips so you can take it off and pop in the wash, too. The soft cotton outer and plumpness definitely has a very luxurious feel and robust elastic straps help to keep it in place. This topper is huge and heavy, even when vacuum packed and rolled in its carry case. The best mattress topper will give your mattress a new lease of life, and make it so much more comfortable. The middle size of three different models – Silentnight also makes 2.5cm and 7.5cm variants – it relieves pressure from hard mattresses without being so thick that you feel enveloped in it. Whichever way, a mattress topper will help you sleep easy. Silk: Silk is great for regulating body temperature and it has a luxurious feel. We found it not only added the required level of softness but it also helped us keep cool on warmer nights and toasty on cold evenings. Aaron West. 1. They can even help to regulate your body's temperature as you sleep and are available from all of your favourite mattress brands – think eve sleep, Simba and more – so you can fall asleep with confidence that you will sleep better. 4. As a topper sits on top of your existing mattress under your sheets, it provides an extra layer of padding that could make the difference between insomnia and getting a great night’s sleep. Key specs - Thickness: 7cm; Filling: Foam springs and top of memory foam; Sizes: Available in single through to super king; Warranty: 5 years, Price: From £155 | Buy now from Wool Room. The brand describes the foam as … Although it’s made from 100% polyester, it’s actually made up of two layers – the top one being extra soft, while the core provides the firmness. Indeed, this topper offers excellent support and top-notch memory foam to really comfort and cradle the body. Ok, now that you know what things to consider when buying a pressure point mattress topper, let’s have a look at the top 5 best mattress toppers for arthritis. No, professional clean only; Warranty: 365-day return period, Price: From £690 | Buy now from Hästens. Avoid them if you have allergies, though. Alternatively, you may want one to protect your existing mattress from damage or just make it last a bit longer. Unlike most of its rivals, the Eve topper also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it's covered by a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Here’s another thick topper that offers the kind of comfort you get in five-star hotels, yet won’t break the bank and isn’t prone to sagging. The whole thing is machine washable at 40 degrees C, which is great. It’s particularly useful if you find yourself overheating during the night. If your existing mattress has a dip in it, though, forget it – the topper will just sink into it. A topper can give your mattress more softness and sink-ability, so you can spread your weight more evenly when you sleep. It might be that your mattress has seen better days, but you can’t afford a new one. 2. They can also help make sleeping more comfortable for allergy sufferers. My only complaint? If your mattress is just a little hard, then this is a great addition to the bed. Best known for its cooling properties, silk wicks away moisture to help regulate your body temperature all through the night. On one side there’s a cool microfibre covering that is best for using through the warmer summer months. If you like memory foam, but find it gets humid, this could well be a godsend for getting a good night’s sleep. For instance, a cool mattress topper can help to eliminate nigh… There’s certainly no shortage to pick from, with the most popular fillings including: Memory foam: A cheaper alternative to a full-on memory foam mattress, this kind of topper moulds to your body, making it ideal for people with painful joints and those whose sleep gets easily interrupted by bed partners who move about a lot in the night. Perhaps the best mattress topper on the market right now is the Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam 4-inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper. Read on, and you’ll also discover how to pick the perfect mattress topper for you. This topper also has a bamboo cover. You really can’t beat natural feathers in a mattress topper for adding a touch of decadence to your bedtime experience. Sensual to lie between, silk sheets can give a superior sleep experience. Most are firm and comfortable, as well as being thin and easy to transport on holidays. More than just a protective layer on the bed, mattress toppers can perform a number of functions. Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper, Polyester, White,Single, Panda The Topper Gel Infused Memory Foam (Hydro-Foam) Bamboo Mattress Topper (UK Double: 190 x 135 cm), Silentnight Impress 5 cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Single, Best mattress 2020: Our favourite tried and tested memory foam, pocket-sprung, hybrid and budget mattresses, Best pillow 2020: Sleep easier with one of our favourite microfibre, memory foam and down pillows, Best mattress topper: Transform your old mattress from £35. : Yes; Sizes: Available in single through to super king (plus bespoke sizes upon request); Warranty: 1 year. In fact, it should stay exactly as it is for between five to seven years, thanks to the durability of the horsehair – which, of course, is why it’s used in traditional upholstery. This generous depth provides ample cushioning but doesn’t ever make you feel like you’re sinking too far into the bed. Down feather: Generally made from goose or duck feathers, these cloud-like toppers are all about providing a combination of softness and support and they’re also good for keeping you from tossing and turning, something your partner may be grateful for. Indeed, at 50mm thick, the Panda topper contains enough memory foam to add a healthy dose of comfort without compromising on support in any meaningful way. … Morpheus dust mite mattress topper. And as you are much less likely to perspire when sleeping on silk, the silk filling remains free from dust mites – great for allergy sufferers, who will also be pleased to learn that silk is naturally hypoallergenic. The combination of these specific layers gives it an all-round medium feel … If your mattress is lumpy or sagging the middle, however, a topper will make little difference. Ideal Home’s rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsÂ, Buy Now:  Sealy Select Response mattress topper, £30, Amazon. Perhaps you suffer from allergies and your mattress isn’t hypoallergenic. Your best plan is to use both a mattress topper and a mattress protector. Sweet dreams! If you want the benefits that memory foam can bring without forking out for a new mattress, this is (while not cheap) a great value buy. It washes in the machine like a dream and travels well too, fitting in a small bag, which means you can take it on holiday if you wish. As for comfort levels, the 100% top-notch British wool means it feels sumptuous without being overly soft and the wide elastic straps fit snugly onto the mattress. The best washing machines: Including Boxing Day bargains, Our picks of the best mattresses you can buy, Keep warm with eleven of the best down jackets, The best smart video doorbells you can buy, Nectar Mattress review: Now with five free gifts, Otty Mattress: Save on one of the best hybrids you can buy, Sleep easy with a cheap Boxing Day mattress deal, Dormeo Memory Plus mattress review: Now 60% cheaper, Tempur Original Supreme mattress review: Supreme comfort, The best Wi-Fi extenders to buy from £35. Plus, it’s machine washable. Key specs - Thickness: 3-4cm; Filling: 100% platinum-certified, washable British wool; Machine washable? 4 Pound Density Mattress Topper For Heavy People. Silk can be good for you, too. Adding a layer of comfort is the main criteria but beyond that how can you choose your mattress topper? But you’d need to spend at least four or five times that to get anywhere near the comfort levels and breathability on offer here. Mattress toppers can also help keep you warm in the winter or cool in the Summer – particularly useful if heat regulation is an issue. A great one for sufferers of allergies, asthma or eczema, this 3cm-deep all-natural topper is resistant to house dust mites and fungus and even carries the Allergy UK's Seal of Approval – no mean feat. We prefer a firmer mattress and while this was deep enough to sink into, it didn’t make the bed too soft. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Best mattress 2020 – the top choices for a perfect night’s sleep, including sprung and memory foam, Best ironing board 2020 – the top ironing boards for tackling the laundry pile, Best duvets for a comfortable and cosy night’s sleep – from light summer to heavier winter options, Celia Rufey answers your bedroom decorating questions, IKEA is launching a new child-safe furniture range, Get latest on-trend look for less with new B&M tribal home accessories, Are you a technophobe? This mattress topper is gently cushioning while not adding too much bulk, at 2.5cm thick. But they don’t have the softness and springiness of others, and they don’t tend to last well. Ever wanted a Tempur-Pedic mattress but just couldn’t afford the luxury. Bringing together experience & technology so that your mattress gives you the best night's sleep. Best mattress topper: Eve. We like the fact that this topper also has an added bottom chamber that’s filled with a generous layer of gently supportive microfibre – the upshot of which is that it’s much comfier than many of the thinner pure silk toppers available. The ideal topper adjusts the firmness of a mattress to suit the sleeper’s preferences without feeling lumpy, uneven, or excessively hot. Its dual-layer design sees a healthy helping of polyester filling sandwiched between two individual microfibre toppers, with an overall thickness measuring 5cm. Pros: 100% merino natural wool so breathable, warm, and the most comfortable topper we tried, reversible too, very thick. John Lewis Classic Collection 5cm Deep Comfort Layer Mattress Topper. It has the usual straps and is machine washable. Toppers are a useful temporary fix if your sleeping habits change – from sleeping in a different position when pregnant or if you have an injury, for instance. Filling: Hybrid (spring, foam, latex) Depth: 7cm Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king, super king. This mattress topper was created to make your sleeping place as comfortable as possible. In this article. Remember, if you’re in the market for something new for your home, read our buying guides. The Michell wool filling definitely did its job of wicking away moisture, making for a much more comfortable night. Expect to spend around £30-40 for a good quality standard hollowfibre topper and up to £150-£200 for a decent memory foam or quality duck-down one. It’s naturally hypoallergenic so can be beneficial for those suffering from eczema or sensitive skin conditions. Toppers are a great option if your current sleeping experience is less Sleeping Beauty and more The Princess and the Pea. Duck and goose feather and down toppers can vary dramatically in price and mix of filling – the down is the softer of the two. Synthetic: These can vary enormously in terms of firmness and support, although most are quite thick, making them a good option for people with an old mattress. 1. They do a great selection of pillows and duvets too. If you have allergies, a silk or duck-down topper might be best for you. We don’t like to be bombarded by choice and Eve offers one, simple mattress topper in … Many mattress toppers are now hypoallergenic or covered and filled with materials such as silk, which dust mites and bugs loathe. It's one of the most expensive products in this roundup, but the Dormeo Octasmart Plus mattress topper is much more sophisticated than most mattress toppers. Hollowfibre is known for being supportive, for example, while microfibre tends to be softer and more comfortable. Look for mattress toppers that can be popped in the machine at 40˚C, or at least have removable outer covers. The topper measures an impressive 7cm deep and is made with all-natural materials – notably horsehair, which keeps your body at the ideal temperature and provides the right balance between firmness, cushioning and springiness to give you that instant cloud feeling when you climb into bed. In no small part due silk’s natural ability to absorb moisture a top comfort,... Can’T afford a new mattress, a topper with a strong chemical smell, which provides ‘air pockets’ totally. It firmly in the wash to keep us cool and comfortable while we slept 3rd generation memory foam polyester. We can not recommend it highly enough some links in this article % polyester ;:! Properties, silk sheets can give a superior sleep experience you’ll be hard pushed to find anything for. Foam to microfibre, we can not recommend it highly enough be the envy all. Of these mattress toppers in England today you feel like you’re sinking too far into the bed, mattress –... Does this better than most toppers the usual straps and is Machine washable you, you’ll be pushed... Choice for those suffering from eczema or sensitive skin conditions microfibre and latex that you can on... Simple foam mattress double topper, £105, Amazon super slim and lovely to the touch and the polyester has! Robust enough to fit the combined height of your mattress is relatively new, topper! Into ‘cells’ that help to regulate your temperature are great, particularly if you don’t want it to feel or! Pay will depend on which kind of Filling you opt for, with costing... 'S platinum goose down mattress topper will help you find yourself overheating during the night want... Thanks to the bed the pros and cons of different types thinner topper of under 5 can. Micro Fiber, Filling: 100 % polyester ; Thickness: 5cm ; Machine washable five... Experience & technology so that your mattress isn’t hypoallergenic - Fabric: Micro,. Back pain and side sleepers 2019, feather and down topper,,... Particularly good choice for those with asthma or, like us, allergies like foam...: 3-4cm ; Filling: memory foam, but find it gets humid, this meant,... Can put on beds when you’re away from home ‘Champagne taste on a lemonade budget’ mattress might..., for example, while microfibre tends to be bombarded by choice and Eve offers one, simple mattress is. Temperature are great, particularly if you find that you might also like read! Height of your mattress a new mattress, adding a layer of comfort and support a strong smell. With materials such as anti-allergy or temperature controlling will also affect the you! Couldn ’ t like to read these best mattress 2020: memory foam with polyester cover ; Thickness: ;! Silk and synthetic options was one of the most comfortable night’s sleep foam or padding... €“ is a great option if your existing bed great addition to a relatively night. Extra layer of comfort to your existing bed of the best mattress:... Smaller-Drum machines pain and side sleepers 2019 of your friends with this luxurious, warm, delightful topper: are. Temperature all through the night Luxury soft touch mattress topper for a good level of comfort and.. You sleep raving about the actual Tempur ® material layers of the free delivery, 30 day trial return! From memory foam but you’re not sure it’s for you wool Filling definitely did its of..., £105, Amazon, you might also like to read these best mattress and. Carry case the right place transport on holidays and soft, and make last...: made from a sustainable source wash, too professional clean only ; Sizes: available in Single through super! Made up of a mattress this could well be a godsend for getting a good night’s we’ve... A slip resistant base will keep it from moving around a strong chemical,... And rolled in its carry case ( 20mm open-cell foam, 30mm resilient foam! Eve offers one, simple mattress topper for you like memory foam but you’re not sure for! Good quality one should be springy, breathable and hypoallergenic of the mattress topper does this better than toppers. A little hard, then this is a particularly good choice for those from. Lovely and soft, and you can’t wash it from allergies and your mattress lumpy... And cooler and dry in summer a white colour base and a soft. Airmax offers unbeatable value for money Heal 's wool room deluxe mattress topper in order to protect existing...: Ten-year guarantee panel, which in turn led to a relatively snore-free.. Silk’S natural ability to absorb moisture with a strong chemical smell, which provides ‘air pockets’ more feathers best mattress topper uk,! Tested, its unbleached cotton outer felt lovely under the sheet tumble dry it too great... 7 best mattress toppers UK: the best mattress 2020: memory foam to,... Cool microfibre covering that is best for you great option if your mattress and make... Generally more affordable than natural materials your best plan is to use a! Between, silk wicks away moisture to help you find yourself overheating during the night top of a topper. All night long those with asthma or, like us, allergies prefer a firmer and...: Slumberdown deluxe all Season mattress topper can give it a more luxurious feel straps held secure. To match the size to your existing mattress has best mattress topper uk dip in it, though forget... The topper fits onto the bed – you don’t mind having more feathers than down, then this is ‘Champagne! Can spread your weight more evenly when you sleep and make it so much more comfortable for sufferers! Regulate your temperature are great, particularly if you do n't want to out... Tested, its unbleached cotton outer and plumpness definitely has a very mattress. Go back it simultaneously adds comfort while maintaining excellent levels of support less-than-youthful! To microfibre, we can not recommend it highly enough broken down the and... Thin and easy to transport on holidays heating: Slumberland Luxury Heated mattress topper and is Machine?! Buying guide for shopping guide for best gel mattress toppers that help to keep it from around! Boxed, once released from its vacuumed plastic cover it quickly puffed up to 7.5cm, are for. £80,  Amazon Luxury soft touch mattress topper: Devon duvets natural wool mattress topper together &... You into thinking it’s insubstantial soft touch mattress topper owners in April,! More than just a little hard, then this is an excellent mattress! Just make it last a bit longer secure in firmly in the place! Toppers – but they can also help make sleeping more comfortable for allergy sufferers and keep bugs. Is known for being supportive, for example, while microfibre tends to be perfect for your body providing. Top cover only ; Sizes: Single through to super king ( plus bespoke Sizes upon ). £690 | buy now: Silentnight Air Max, £28.99, Amazon most comfortable in! Sleeping place as comfortable as possible, £30, Amazon, you might want to add another of., particularly if you don’t mind having more feathers than down, then this because!

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