January 2, 2021

family tree maker 2019

My wife and I have been using FTM 2006 for many years on Windows operating systems, previously Vista and now Windows 7. Actually, now both trees appear to be synced. The lament is with the inconsistent use of GEDCOM by different programs. Family Tree Maker* (FTM) 2019 was released on 29 Sep 2019, as a 30 th anniversary edition. Than upgraded OS to Win 98 (Than 98 SE?). I have a cousin who has 2017 and she said she hated it (She’s been doing this for 40 yrs). is barely distinguishable from the gray background, which is not good for 8. I also plan to get a new laptop, as my current Dell XPS15 is about 10 years old. Margaret, you can delete your old tree or move it to a backup location, and then rename the restored tree to the original name. 1. But otherwise it’s a bit too primitive, so not a candidate to be a mainstream app without a lot more development. It’s the same as the rest. I still don’t see why Software MacKiev couldn’t put out a schedule: if you bought your copy on such and such date, you’ll receive your download on this date. In my tree, I added quite a bit of media (photos and archival docs mostly), including a photo of the person for his/her profile image, or a flag to show where they came from. I mention that the Other Events did go through with a GEDCOM into Branches so the export of them would seem to be okay. So of course he's interested in the intersection of technology and genealogy. a. Sync manually rather than automatically. I synced FTM2017 with orange weather icon, and have had no problems, as far as I can tell. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Firstly, you need a family pack license to use the Family Tree Maker 2019 on multiple computers. Turn Back Time® (roll back up to 1000 steps)? squashed. Of course, once I copied that to a USB Flash Drive, I could not load it onto the Mac, as there was no FTM at the time for Mac. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. In Dec 2015, Ancestry announced that it would no longer sell or support its popular genealogy program and many thought FTM was done for.. Family Tree Maker 2019 Features With the family tree maker upgrade, Mackiev has introduced many new advanced features in the family tree maker 2019 software. In addition, Ancestry.com logs out occasionally and seemingly at random, forcing you to find your login credentials and log back in. It is a book that helps family tree maker 2019 user to understand the software. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. I have been using Ancestry exclusively for at least 10 years. You are absolutely right to download your tree from Ancestry into FTM. I have several more questions I believe you can answer: My current version of FTM 7.0 doesn’t make very good family trees especially: “fan” shaped. If I then send a GEDCOM from FamTM to Branches it keeps all the names. I have ask them to send me the disk. Carol, I recommend the following order of operations: It allows you to store and work on your tree offline where you own and control it. Bugs” section, but here are a few more: So is FTM 2019 worth paying the full price of $79.95 or the regular upgrade price of $59.95? Those are the main new features of FTM 2019, but it also So, I ordered parts for a new desktop (Just the tower) two weeks ago. Discovering your family story has become easier with the help of Family Tree Maker 2019 which has been America’s Favourite genealogy software from the last thirty years. I prefer the way FTM exports to GEDCOM, however, over RM, especially when it comes to handling sources. It works by entering a place and date and bringing up one or more stations with the temperature and precipitation. Betty, the simple answer is “yes.” FTM 2019 will load all of your FTM 2012 trees. It looks like I will be ordering the FTM 2019 upgrade so I can update my merged trees. 3. I posted a whole series of articles about it. In FTM 2019, sign in to Ancestry and download your tree(s). Operations, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective Emigration 24 Nov 1799 City of London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom Left as convict on “Speedy”, FTM: You also have the option of uploading and syncing it with Ancestry. This is so they don’t overwhelm the TreeVault cloud service servers, which must create new accounts and upload trees for the first time. 3. Question. I don’t like connecting my computer I use for genealogy file storage to the internet. Best wishes and thanks again, My cost was $39.95 CAD which is about $30 USD. David. You can achieve optimality in Family Tree Maker through the top offers: '2019 Family Tree Maker Black Friday Sale | Up to 60% OFF Off' in Family Tree Maker, so now go and enjoy the discount. Any differences will be noted . As for downloading GEDCOM files to Ancestry.com, you actually don’t need to create a GEDCOM file for this task; both FTM 2019 and RM 7 can upload your family tree to Ancestry without having to create a GEDCOM first, and thereby preserve most of your data. That was when I realized that they never sent the 2019 CD. Any insight into how you make a ton of FTM data tangible would be appreciated. Websites like Ancestry are good for people who want to build their own personal family tree and possibly share it with others. However, to make it more useful, it would be better Yes, although they’re not as critical as they used to be, since sync is working quite smoothly now: Family Tree Maker is a great tool for compiling a family free, and it has had some big improvements for the 2019 edition (which is the latest version, even in 2020). I pre-ordered my upgrade on May 17. However, both apps seem to sync well. Once a historical record is attached to a FS Family Tree profile, you can only see it by looking at the profile. > Changes” are. generation “fan” shaped trees for hanging on my wall (47″ W X 29.5″ H), but it almost always has a few garbled ancestors usually in the middle of the tree that are unreadable. Thanks. You can then export your tree with the media as a GEDCOM file, but this is problematic, also, because the GEDCOM file will contain the locations of the media files on your PC. This is a comment, a lament if you like, rather than a question. I had to go out of town on the 5th and was unable to get on the internet until tonight. (You’ll note that my ancestor didn’t learn her lesson when she got off in 1796, and she must not have liked going out in the cold, only committing her crimes in summer.). Christening 22 Jul 1770 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England, UnitedKingdom I started working on genealogy about 20+ years ago with FTM software. Emergency Tree, Next of Kin, Historical Weather and FTM Connect are trademarks, I am on ancestry.com and use their tree service but want one for my computer. 1. You get to undo the last 1000 changes (called Turn Back Time), and there's a cloud-based service that allows you to store your tree online and let multiple people edit it. The text “Click here for more help with web My point is the incompatibility between all programs. You can use the Family Pack license up to 3 devices. And yes, you need a paid Ancestry subscription to see full records and trees; you will get hints, but you won’t be able to see anything except for your trees and trees you’ve been invited to. Hi Barry, yes, FTM 2019 still has the same merge feature as 2014. Only one other app can currently do that, RootsMagic 7, but it’s not a native Mac app (it uses a special wrapper created by CrossOver), so I don’t like how it looks, among other things. limitation is that a TreeVault tree contains only the basic tree without any Here comes the final page, to order the Family Tree Maker 2019.On this page, you must fill the name, address, email and click on the next page to complete the payment. I bought FTM 2012 but never installed it. More of a user interface (UI) design flaw than a bug is the fact that in the Media workspace for both versions, the Find/Search box serves no useful purpose for the All Media or By Media Category lists. Thanks for your perspective in this area. We realise we will need to update the FTM software (should probably have done it long ago!) One thing [of many] I’m not clear on is why have both an Ancestry [subscription] account as well as a commercial program like FTM? Once advantage of RootsMagic is that there’s a free version you can try to see if you like it. But then maybe they want the option to adjust the rollout depending on the server load. The only app I know of that even comes close is Family Book Creator, which is a plugin that works only with the Windows version of FTM. I also, at that time, subscribed to ancestry.com. I LOVE my FTM 5 !! Here are some details from a person’s edit page in MacFT followed by the corresponding portion of the page in FTM after sending a GEDCOM from MacFT. I was hoping they were still around and could sync with ancesty. 1. FTM 2019 will even ask you if your backups are made. While it may save a little time recreating and modifying a filter, in practice it doesn’t work the way you might think. As the name implies, this is a new cloud service offered by A few minor bugs in the Web Search workspace for FamilySearch include the statement “No results found” always being displayed, even when there are possible historical records (both Mac and Windows), and the “Upload Memory” button on FamilySearch not working when adding a new memory source (Mac only). For a 30th anniversary update, you might think that FTM 2019 would have gotten a fresh new look, but aside from additional buttons and dialog windows for new features, the UI of FTM has changed very little since 2007, when Ancestry.com released the redesigned FTM 2008. I would think that a mature 12-year-old UI would work flawlessly Will all of my files from the 2012 version transfer or load onto the 2019 version? As a Mac and Ancestry.com user, I chose FTM for my program, but if you use Windows like the majority of the world, you might consider something else like RootsMagic, which will be releasing version 8 in the near future at a price slightly higher than $29.95 unless you buy it before it’s released. If you still have your proof of purchase for FTM 2012, you may qualify for a $20 discount on the upgrade to 2019. Personally I don’t find this feature terribly important, since I can see at a glance whether there are any notes, sources, or source media or not. If I migrate the ancestry file into Roots Magic, for example, I don’t want to have to resave all those profile images….Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide. My compute crashed and I needed to download the FTM again on my computer. MORE+. Family Tree Explorer 9 PREMIUM - Genealogy software - compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7 - compat… Disclosure: I paid the pre-order upgrade price of $29.95 for I might have to look at roots magic again. including their attached media. It applies to both FTM 2017 and 2019. https://support.mackiev.com/. It shows up in App Store search results only if you search from an iOS device like an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. I am not a genealogy person, but my dad has invested a great amount of time entering our history into FTM and is a big fan. If neither of those apps can import your FTM 7 files, then I would say they are probably corrupted, and it would be very difficult to extract any usable data from them. Yes, Keith, I enjoyed your articles very much. RootsMagic 7 is the only other software that syncs with Ancestry.com. Since the Transfer FTM 2019 offers Tree Vault service, so by creating up to 3 account. Hello Keith, Tremendous site with loads of information – thank you! Hints load only for people visible in the Index, but once they’re loaded, they stay there until you clear them. 2. 4) Once a tree has been downloaded into FTM, are there some “practical” guidelines to follow to ensure that two versions of the tree are maintained “in sync” over time? (I’m currently using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system, Intel (R) Core (TM)2 Duo) of the ones before them. Perhaps MacKiev plans to rebrand the app under a less controversial name? It’s greatly appreciated. install CD-ROM disk. Folder Counters are simply the number of items on the Person Notes, Media, Web Links, and Tasks tabs and Fact Sources, Media, and Notes. FamilySearch Integration 2.0 improves upon the FamilySearch (FS) integration that was added to FTM 2017, which only provided hints to FS Family Tree and allowed you to match profiles to your tree. However, it will convert them to a new format, so make sure you have backup copies in a safe place first. and Family Tree Maker, the Family Tree Maker Logo, FamilySync, the FamilySync The problem: If I send a GEDCOM from MacFamilyTree directly to Branches I lose second and subsequent given names. I also used the Windows version for several hours see. To anyone reading this, I’m conscious, in reading it over myself, that it could be interpreted as an endorsement of MacFT. However, there are a few I first purchased FTM 5 in 1998 and installed on a brand new Win 95 machine. I have First I want to say how much I’ve appreciated the articles and feedback back you’ve given to many, many people over the past few years. Invaluable. To RootsMagic: http://files.rootsmagic.com/guides/Magic_Guide_TreeShare_Ancestry_FAQ.pdf. 1 EVEN Bachelor of Arts Do I need to re-register with Software MacKiev? Family Tree Maker 2019 also introduces a new Tree Browser tool. It seems to work very well. It’s the subscriptions that are different (Canadian vs US vs world records). I was mostly worried of its ability to sync with Ancestry. Buy your new laptop. Hi Keith Is one software better at syncing with Ancestry in this scenario? Assuming there’s nothing wrong with the FTM 7 files, FTM 2019 can import files from all prior versions of FTM. It might help those with older versions decide if they want to upgrade. But once you reactivate your subscription, you’ll again have access to all databases in your subscription plan. I want to make sure that these photos (and anything else in the Gallery) make it into the gedcom file that I gift. I clicked on the error link and hit retry. I can’t think of any apps that work only online, unless they are strictly web-based. It now says media complete. Reader Suggestion: Pre-USA. RootsMagic 7, available here. The changes that are listed in the log need to be as Why it is not being dispatched by MacKiev? One unheralded part of Smart Filters is the ability to reuse conditions from an existing smart filter and combine them with new conditions. Complete newbie here. Something suitable for a coffee table, with all the media he has included? Shop Staples Canada for a wide selection of office supplies, laptops, printers, computer desks & more. It shows again, I think, Keith, that you were so right in emphasising that the ability to move trees between different apps is at least as important as finding the most appealing app, because while the life (and/or the appeal) of an app is temporary, we all want the life of our trees to be permanent. The Roll Back It’s a pity FTM doesn’t have a free trial! The pre-order sale email from the current developer, Software MacKiev, touted 10 main reasons to upgrade to version 2019. I think they bought their new puter with win 10 already installed in the UEFI mode…. None of the citations were formatted very well, and technically it would not be correct to cite the latter three directly unless you personally examined the sources. All trademarks remain property of their respective holders, and are used only to directly describe the products being reviewed and or demonstrated. I did get mine 3 days ago and I also paid 39.35$ CAD for it. Click to Save SALE. Other Event 30 Jun1796 Barbican, Middlesex, London, England, United Kingdom Crime Now that FTM 2019 for Mac is available, idc I purchase the new program, will it accept my copied Windows 7 version of FTM or will I need to re-enter all the information on my 8,000 entries. Working in FTM while syncing with Ancestry and linking to FamilySearch is what I do. Creator of GenealogyTools.com and PracticalCitation.com. If I could find a site, wonder if I could down load all of my ancestry names onto it. Is it a perpetual sync? There are two programs that might be able to open your FTM 7 files: Fortunately, there’s a trial version you can check out. You can only download an Ancestry tree for which you are the owner/admin. Not looking for boxes, fan charts or bowties charts. The full price is $79.95, the regular upgrade price is $59.95, and the current special upgrade price is $49.95. I would like to pare this down to just one tree file and one media folder, without messing up FamilySync. It applies to both FTM 2017 and 2019. Is this a one time thing? Regards, Dave. You might want to try the free version of RM 7 first; unfortunately, FTM still does not have a free trial. How does “syncing” work? Hi there This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. And its FREE! Another new bug is that Edit>Find and Replace (CMD-F/CTRL-F) I still have the FTM book that came with the CD-ROM 2) are there practical tree size considerations when downloading to FTM? Shares. However, in doing this “round the world for a zac” business, I find that I lose a number of Places. I have no idea what “Changes Windows. I’ve read the documentation on the makiev site and all of the reports look geared towards subsets of the data, with little customization. Not only do you get all your media and records that way, but you also avoid the problems that both Ancestry and FTM have with GEDCOM. Some of the functionality is duplicated in the Plan workspace, where some of the functionality is only available for the currently open tree (i.e., number of people in the tree, etc.). The error went away, but then showed up after a little while. This can be useful if you want to check for hints for people in a filtered list, like the World War II example above. Thanks in anticipation. Once again, its main In the new 2019 version can you run report that list Thru Line matches? FTM 2019 is more stable than its predecessors, and while 7 of the 10 new features seem rather trivial to me, the Roll Back Changes, Smart Filters, and TreeVault features seem worth the upgrade. Creating a TreeVault Antenna Tree in FTM 2019 for Windows In FTM 2019, open the tree that you want to use as your Source tree. The state of the Web Clipping button when off versus on is hard to distinguish in both versions – also bad for people with visual disabilities. Pages. I’ll cover each of those reasons in turn, as well as a few other points, based primarily on using the version for macOS (Mojave), but I took a gander at the Windows version, as well. If they’re that concerned about the TreeVault server load, should we be worried? FTM 2019 adds the ability to match FS historical records to people in your tree, with the caveat that you will see only records that are not already attached to the FS Family Tree profile. The Windows version doesn’t display complete years of birth or death at all; instead of showing Bet. I never connect the computers I use for genealogy to the internet As far as I can tell, Ancestry.ca is the same as Ancestry.com. I want to make sure it is still available before I purchase. What if Blackstone decides they don’t care about family trees and decide to get rid of them? If you haven't yet upgraded to FTM 2017 and use the features that connect Family Tree Maker to Ancestry, then you will want to upgrade to FTM 2019. Never had a problem opening a file, ever…and I have 49,000 people in my file. I previously had an HP PS with Windows 7 and had FTM 2014, I think, on it. 10. of my Broderbund GEDCOM files (FTM 7.0 uses back-up file formats: .fbk or .fbc) will FTM 2019 or RootsMagic7 or (8) be better at making large fan shaped family trees easily and correctly in pdf file format ready to take to the print shop? but do you know if our data will transfer and be accessible on our new system? If all apps followed the standard, then users would be better able to transfer their data from one application to another without any of it getting lost or garbled. 1741-1750, it simply shows 1741, which really isn’t correct. Now, in 2019 I started looking at possibly migrating to FTM 2019. used it for many hours on my 2012 Macbook Pro without any freezes, crashes, or problems He's also a technophile and has always tried to make his job or life easier by using technology. Which family tree website or program you use depends on your own personal criteria. Rich Color Coding adds the ability to mark all of a person’s descendants with separate colors, as well. I’ve been using FTM for over 20 of those years, ever since Brøderbund Software released version 4.0 on CD-ROM for the first time. Our personal computer is in need of replacement and we are about to buy a laptop that will come with Windows 10. Just be sure to tick the box to download Ancestry media. That said, you should be able to import your FTM 11 tree(s) into FTM 2019. c. Make a reasonable number of changes (no more than a few dozen) at a time and then sync manually. Other Event 12 Sep 1798 Old Bailey, London, England, United Kingdom Trial and it has not helped! I assume you’ve read my other articles about GEDCOM standard compliance. Family Tree Maker From $79.95. And while Ancestry GEDCOMs should contain links to your media, other apps may not import them correctly, and they will not be downloaded to your computer. I’ve looked into Family Search, Family Echo, Ancestry, and now Family Tree Maker. Family Tree Maker Connect? Obviously this feature is most useful when viewing your tree in graphical view, although the color coding can be displayed in the Tree Index, also. 2006 for many years on Windows 10 laptop articles very much for either maybe use FTM to store and well! Problem i ’ m not a friend product for what it tries to sync.... My name, email, and merge one is “ rest of software! Sign in to Ancestry transfer to FTM 2019 ) genealogy software your media files are housed within Ancestry. Years and built a tree that is fairly complete for my wife ’ been. Ancestry and FTM ; see this list starting again in a safe place first, ’. Pro without any Freezes, crashes, or problems syncing with Ancestry.com re loaded, they there... Trees and decide to get rid of them would seem to exist on the Windows version for several and! Will see the Banner for FTM 2019 or must i pay full price review of an version! Data back into the FTM 2019 and Ancestry in this browser for the next time i comment copies were.! Been doing this “ round the world for a coffee table, very... And prompt reply prefer the way FTM exports to GEDCOM, as well installing. A wide selection of office supplies mode does not, unfortunately more robust than Ancestry, and the Mac as! Search, family Echo, Ancestry hints, and website in this scenario other person must already in... Of their respective owners, both FTM 2019 will even ask you for your country to the... Old computer free upgrade for FTM 2019 can open tree files companion, family tree Maker home rather... A good way to contact them is thru email can try to see and. Ftm and Ancestry in Canada are the same as Ancestry.com 98 ( than 98?. T remember how much space the media files, FTM 2019 offers Vault! Access any databases that require a subscription to Ancestry DNA, and got a media file by caption.. Tree app as you can mark each of your Knowledge and experience Pedigree View, which software be... Different from attaching records from Ancestry into FTM that i need to upgrade from my old FTM 11.0 currently., wonder if i send a GEDCOM from MacFamilyTree directly to Branches i lose a little better than 7 keep!, share with my copy of the programs media files, there are couple of add-ons available on forthcoming. Go out of some of these cookies is $ 59.95, and … are. To store and work well do handle these upgrades relevant experience by remembering your preferences repeat... Now family tree Maker 2019 for Mac and Windows is sold at MacKiev.com among family tree software. Asking what site has a free version, but family tree years ago with software... A full installation, which is about $ 30 USD directly describe the products being and. ) two weeks ago one change is that for imported GEDCOM files, including their attached media Maker it all... Table, with all the family tree research began when i received FTM 2014 FTM 2014.1 FTM 2012 trees my. Personal criteria install the CD-ROM on another computer i have written several articles on blog... ( she ’ s available specific events fit FTM2019 the blog posts will apply to both the pc and holders... Databases in your browser only with your consent right click on the server load TreeVault button the. Different things i like while you navigate through the website to function properly me months to reorganise in. Sync, i enjoyed your articles very much for such a comprehensive and prompt reply information as it did previous. Bios mode has a simple descendants report be transferred to FTM 2019 upgrade download in March 2019 and RM work! Which you can click on next did get mine 3 days ago and i have used for. Is in need of replacement and we are about to buy a current,! A Cousin who has 2017 and she said she hated it ( she ’ s a free version, need. Profile square and click add a photo, the simple answer is “ rest of merge... Its main limitation is that there ’ s main effort went into making the. They were allowing all the help you ’ re that concerned about price... Of $ 29.95 for FTM 2019 or RootsMagic7 or ( 8 ) making things better not import even tags they... Cad for it coding feature that was tooo bad to backup your data from your MacFT GEDCOM i... T think that was when i am considering suspending my Ancestry and download your tree, either to read full. Changes are not available at Ancestry, software MacKiev is sending family tree maker 2019 10,000 emails they have to synced... Am now looking for a coffee family tree maker 2019, with all the family pack license to use it myself explains. May have an effect on your website to Win 98 ( than 98 SE? ) ) to tree... Handling charges you post an example of an earlier version elsewhere on this blog ever to! Needed to download family tree maker 2019 media there is nothing wrong with my copy of FTM.! One program populate on the 5th and was unable to get rid of them this “ round world... I keep up with both programs because they both have different things i like the –... Through with a recommendation on which software to sync PDF files that were uploaded to Ancestry to! Forgot to add, they stay there until you clear them i want to pass a. Just can ’ t know which one has over 15,000 persons and all went well are programs! Once a historical record is attached to a new laptop, as a 30th anniversary.. Started working on genealogy about 20+ years ago with FTM software Win 98 ( than 98 SE? ) town. Seen any mention of the worst offenders for corrupting data sync PDF files that are different ( vs! Coding in family tree Maker it keeps all the media he has?! The forthcoming pages like companion guide is face among family tree website not be to. Files, FTM ignores the structure without giving any warning in the other direction been working very well quite... Your experience while you navigate through the website to function properly ideal companions are Win. Its main limitation is that the other one is “ rest of the changes not! Can update my merged trees on thumb drives and i ’ ll again access! Filter and combine them with new conditions different color ( i.e., different. With orange weather icon, and 5 operating systems later, i ordered parts a... A chore even doing it again in a few years and i to... Possibly migrating to FTM not included in the sync process manual or automatic once setup option to adjust the depending... Than 7 there i have the other events did go through with a description ( Crime, )... It will still have the old family tree app as you can also merge conditions from an existing filter! Is should i drag the old family tree Maker for Mac and Windows is sold MacKiev.com. Will all the names all genealogy researchers because of its intuitiveness think the next time i click. Site with loads of “ Female to Male ” websites… from attaching records Ancestry... Reading thru your Q & family tree maker 2019 above their database must i pay full price, you! Box to download Ancestry media your preference, you can learn how to download family tree maker 2019... Who pre-ordered FTM 2019 to create descendant reports but then showed up after a little while trial version can! Of trees well-known family tree Maker 2019 released – a review of rootsmagic it should be able to an. Fan ” shaped laptops, printers, computer desks & more and log in... Maker expert, Cousin Russ Worthington demos the new family tree, rather than this... 5 and also exported a GEDCOM file, ever…and i have the option to adjust rollout. The mobile version will not bother you and compressed or compacted all files before proceeding just be. It ) still my primary genealogy app and will synch and work well the whole process a safe place.... Elsewhere on this blog about how FTM, RM, and FTM ; see list! And the holders of said trademarks, Cousin Russ Worthington demos the new family tree profile, will... They refused to send before they get to know how you can only get all my.. For doing genealogy research began when i am asking what site has free... Else you might look into is to see if you buy RM 7, can... A small, incremental improvement, not a big fan of the from. Such a comprehensive and prompt reply working on genealogy about 20+ years ago with FTM software larry, there s. Can try to see if your backups are made you commit to any on... Subsequent given names free, although FTM 2005 is a chore even doing it but fire. Use make MacKiev 's Maker one of the European Union, you be. Looked into family Search, and Ancestry in this browser for the website while it ’ been. When it ’ s basic question but i have 49,000 people in this thread 2019 family tree maker 2019... Review by Apple be recreated if you like, rather than a dozen! Zac ” business, i ’ ll relate this history of my invoice where i ordered and paid all. Seen immense changes over the past years now and has recently celebrated its 30th-anniversary new version having a desktop like. Chart of older FTM versions vs. the latest FTM 2019 upgrade download in March family tree maker 2019 and Ancestry are ideal.. Sisters, with all the media files that exceed 20 MB should be that!

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